If you belong among those who find the sound of water soothing and relaxing, be sure to visit the Finsterbach Waterfalls.

What used to be more of a local secret is now accessible to the public on a 2.4 km long hiking trail. The ideal starting point is Sattendorf, which lies less than 5 kilometres from Bodensdorf.

The route through the Finsterbachschlucht gorge takes you to three waterfalls – Schleierfall (34 m), Kesselfall (21 m) and Finsterbachfall (23 m). During the hike, you can enjoy beautiful nature, peeking views of Lake Ossiach here and there or magical streams and wooden bridges.

Be sure to wear suitable, sturdy shoes, especially if you head to the waterfalls after it has rained – at that time they are in their full glory, but the trails can be slippery, so be careful.