If you want to inject a little exotic flair into your holiday, head to Austria’s largest reptile zoo – Reptilienzoo Happ.

On four square kilometres, Austria’s most species-rich reptile zoo will offer you an array of venomous, dangerous and interesting reptiles from all over the world. The zoo has set out to dispel people’s fears and prejudices against reptiles.

There are outdoor exhibitions with lizards, iguanas, snakes or turtles, an aquarium with piranhas and crocodiles (feeding every Saturday at 3pm), an insectarium with tarantulas, scorpions or stick-bugs and a 400 m² tropical house where you can observe mambas, cobras, rattlesnakes or various lizards.

The zoo is open every day except November, when they have a winter break, and it’s recommended to set aside 1.5-3 hours for the tour. With the Carinthian Card you get one free admission.