Less than fifty kilometres from our apartment is the very interesting Museum of Carinthian Crafts, in an old monastery directly under the ruins of Ortenburg Castle, where you can also head out to, perhaps after the tour. In the refectory and former monastery cells, some 40 workshops of craftsmen of the past have been set up, giving you a glimpse into the working environment of the past.

Explore what it was like for a blacksmith, wheelwright, carpenter, saddler, shoemaker, tailor, hairdresser, watchmaker and many more. Be transported to a historic apothecary, bakery or barbershop (and more) with all their amenities. Delve into the past with your children and help them understand how these crafts evolved.

Something a little different awaits you on the first floor – a collection with thousands of exhibits of Chinese art and culture, including imperial robes, calligraphic works, jade figurines, stone, terracotta and much more.