Lovers of the past should not miss a trip to Taggenbrunn Castle, which is about 40 minutes’ drive from our apartment. The roots of Central Carinthia, where the castle is located, date back to the Noric settlements around Magdalensberg, which were later conquered by the Romans.

Here you will find a permanent historical exhibition, a castle shop, the Heurigen restaurant for refreshments and last but not least a vineyard that prides itself on being environmentally friendly and sustainable. For young visitors, they have a mega slide and a large playground. There is also an impressive statue of the Goddess of Time by artist André Heller. She symbolises the powerful spirit of nature that protects the castle, its vineyards and all comers. The same man is also the curator of the multimedia exhibition Zeiträume, which presents exciting facts about our planet accompanied by stunning light installations.


Photo: Johann Jaritz, CC BY-SA 3.0