The Tscheppa Gorge will offer you a unique natural experience. A plethora of rare flowers await you here, but above all the elemental beauty of the water, breathtaking lagoons of blue-green water, deep ravines and steep cliffs.

It’s best to arrive right at the start of opening hours so you don’t have to pass too many people on the way. The bridges, ladders and steep trails are all well secured but sometimes slippery – so don’t forget good, sturdy hiking shoes.

Highlights of the area include the spectacular Tschaukofall waterfall and crossing over a suspension bridge with a see-through grate to get a view really all around (just for those who aren’t afraid of heights!).

If you want to extend your hike, you can head to the rope park with a rope ride across the valley that you’ll meet along the way, or you can continue your hike towards Bodental. In this picturesque valley, you’ll find good refreshments at the local Gasthof, a less strenuous trail along the river and views of the beautiful huts around.