If you are looking for a tip for a trip that is “around the corner”, you can head straight to the centre of Villach, specifically to the premises managed by the town museum.

Head to the town’s parish tower, which with its 94 metres is the tallest church tower in Carinthia. Take a look inside this beautiful building, which dates back to the Middle Ages, and enjoy the views of the surrounding area. If you have a Carinthian card, you can enter the tower for free.

Another branch of the Villach Museum is the Carinthian Relief, which, as the largest landscape sculpture of its kind in Europe, impressively presents the entire province of Carinthia. The relief is accompanied by sound, visual and lighting effects, providing an exciting experience. The projectors on the landscape sculpture show you, for example, valleys and rivers, the road network and natural phenomena, or you can immerse yourself in the presentation of 128 tourist destinations across Carinthia on a tablet. Check the website and choose which film and presentation about the relief appeals to you and head to the right place at the right time!